Here’s an interesting question – Why Do Men Lie So Much?

Top Reasons Why Men Lie

First and foremost there are a ton of reasons why men lie but if you are fed up listening to those words coming out of his mouth which you just know are not true time and time again, then here are the TWO number 1 reasons why men lie so much to their partners, girlfriends and wife even though they shouldn’t feel the need to.

  1.  They have done something they know is wrong Рlying to cover up some other wrong doing is one of the main reasons for the twisted web of lies that men come out with. You see for a man it is far more easier to weave a web of deceit instead of just admitting a simple mistake or small miss-giving. Now there are also much bigger wrongs he may be trying to cover up, but even the smallest thing he will still lie rather than admit a mistake or defeat and feel (in his eyes) weak or less dominant.
  2. Previous Girlfriends -you have to remember that just as there are a few good men and many not so good there are also bad women out there who have become insecure and possibly in some cases borderline crazy due to whatever past experiences, and men who had relationships with these women may have been conditioned and learned that it is better to lie rather than face the wrath of that crazy girl they once knew, so another reason your man may be lying to you is because he has learned from past ex’s that it is far easier to lie in order to keep the peace.

Honesty and communication is the key to a happy relationship so you need to guide your man out of his lying ways and make him feel secure in being open and honest with you. Over reacting when he does tell you the truth is a sure fire way to make him go back to his old lying ways. When you are both completely honest and open with one another and 100% comfortable to say anything in each others company without fear of ridicule, rejection or judgement then you can truly be soul mates and under that environment if you have been together and open for a long period of time and you still find your man is telling you lies then there may just be a more serious problem, something he needs to hide because it is not acceptable under any circumstances or something fundamental that would seriously damage the relation ship if he were to come clean and tell the whole truth.