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Niall's Story

Niall's Story

I’m Niall, I’m 32 and last year I qualified as a beauty therapist. I began my training under Tara O'Halloran Cronin in the Kerry E.T.B. training centre in August 2017. Under fantastic tutelage we completed our exams in 46 weeks. We completed our CIDESCO and CIBTAC qualifications in that time. I was the first male to qualify with CIBTAC in Ireland.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my tutor Tara for all the support she gave me and our class. She is incredible. There is a reason CIBTAC named her trainer of the year in 2013. She thought us everything in such a short space of time. Tara has continued to support us after we qualified. Just last week she invited members of my class to partake in Radio Frequency training.

During our training with Tara I fell in love with microcurrent. My all time favourite treatment. I had read a piece by Jennifer Aniston where she raved about microcurrent and micro needling, this sparked my interest (and I’m not even a fan!!). To my tutors delighted I devoured everything I could find on microcurrent. I loved the treatment so much that after college I bought myself a therapist machine so that I could continue to have treatments at home. My dream is to be an aesthetic therapist when I grow up.

I started blogging on Facebook (Lotions Potions and Magic) and Snapchat (lopo_andmagic) because of the response I was getting in the jobs market. Most salons and spas I applied to, replied with a thank you but no thank you, “we don’t feel a male therapist is right for our clientele”, or they didn’t respond at all. So I decided to take a different approach. I started blogging. First I wanted an avenue to show my skincare passion and knowledge. I wanted to explain the ins and outs of treatments, products and how to do it on a budge in my words. My blog has become about skin maintenance and after care of treatments. I show much of my own daily routine on Snapchat so you can see the advice in action, I also do the odd little tutorial too. I believe that having a good solid skin routine at home is the key to unlocking great skin every time you have a facial treatment with a therapist.

Its great to see more and more men taking an interest in themselves, it’s great to see them having manicures, facial treatments, waxes, spay tans and the like. Looking after yourself and doing the little things to help you feel more comfortable in who you are is a good for the soul.

As RuPaul says “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my beauty therapy journey. If you’d like to continue to follow in the future on Facebook: @fullbeautyman, Instagram: lotionspotionsandmagic and on Snapchat: lopo_andmagic

Kerry ETB Tutor Tara O'Halloran commented:

尼尔·菲茨杰拉德是第一个CIBTAC毕业Kerry ETB. He graduated in 2017 from Kerry ETB Training Centre with CIBTAC International Diplomas in Aesthetics, Body Therapy and Epilation. Niall began the traineeship with a passion for skincare and electrical treatments. He developed his skills in Aesthetics working with the range of electrical treatments in the college and also with the Ultrasonic cleansing method and finally to Non Surgical Face Treatment, where he found his niche. He combined his studies with his research into current trends and skincare products which he tried and tested throughout the course to create a blog “ Lotions, Potions and Magic.” His blog has gone from strength to strength recently winning a Connect Hair and Beauty Award for Rising Star.

As his instructor, I throughly enjoyed shaping the delivery of the traineeship to suit the needs of the 15 ladies and one gentleman on the course. As it was our first time with a mixed group, it was a fantastic experience for both Niall and the other learners who engaged fully with all aspects of the 56 week program.

600 hours of the training was work experience which allowed Niall to perfect his passion for Electricals on clients and to also work on his research into skincare.

Niall also worked very hard on Theatrical Makeup for Siamsa Tire, a multi award winning Theatrical Company who ran “Jesus Christ Superstar “ in Co. Kerry with the makeup and costume being shortlisted for a National Award.